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July 26, 2016

Kitesurfing in Mauritius

The Islands of Mauritius and Rodriquez are set in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean off the coast of South East Africa. If you asked any kitesurfer globetrotter about best kitesurf destination on this planet you would normally get the same answer: Mauritius!

Reliable wind, perfect flat water kitesurf lagoons with world class waves at the same spot and stunning villas for rent at crazy prices make your kitesurf holiday in Mauritius one of the best value kitesurf holidays available in the wind season of May to November. Basically amazing wind and the cheapest prices !

Mauritius, an island surrounded with reef that forms perfect lagoons and waves. During the winter period (May-November) when consistent trade winds are blowing from 15 to 30knots, this playground becomes the ultimate destination for kite freestyle and wave enthusiasts.

Here below our selection of top 5 kite spots in Mauritius.

Le Morne Lagoon

Big, shallow water lagoon with plenty of space for beginners. The water is a bit choppy due to the lagoon’s size and winds are usually strong, but still great for practicing and nailing new tricks. Below the water’s surface is a beautiful white sandy bottom with some sea grass here and there. Reef and rocks are on the right hand side, so I would recommend beginners to stay clear of that area. Once on the water, one can enjoy great scenery with turquoise water, white sand and a backdrop of green mountains. Pure pleasure.


One Eye

One of the most famous wave kite spots out there. It is a fast left wave, and its reserved only for experts. Rescue boat service are available for 35 Eur.


Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre is a lagoon with few kiters, which means a lot of space to enjoy. The spot has gusty wind along the coast but as soon as you are 50m away the wind becomes stable. The water is a bit more choppy than in Le Morne, but the combination with nice waves that could be an great option for someone that wants to try kitesurfing on a wave for the first time.


Belle Mare

Huge lagoon perfect for downwinders, up to 30Km are feasible. On no wind day, SUP tour and a fishing trip in the nearby Trou d’Eau are amazing options. Independently for the wind condition it’s worth checking it out and having some fun on the water.


Anse la Raie

This part of the island is less famous than the South for kitesurfing. However, Anse la Raie is one of most beautiful spots on the island and with the right wind direction (East) is definitely worth checking out.


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